Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Black Magic 45mm 521.CM.1171.RX


Dial colour:Black

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The Art of Fusion is expressed right through to the heart of the movement. Simple watches with innovative watchmaking concepts, Hublot has created a range of unique in-house movements. A unique design of the Unico automatic chronograph. An unparalleled power reserve of Meca-10, Tourbillon and MP-11 calibers. A revolutionary motor approach with 11 MP-05 barrels and 50-day power reserve. In its Art of Fusion, Hublot carries out a perfect symbiosis between functionality, architecture and design.

For Hublot, materials are an integral part of their watches design. They must complement their design, while protecting their mechanism and withstand the test of time. As such, the Manufacture has chosen to use high-tech ceramic for certain bezels and cases; it is an ultra-tough and almost entirely scratch-proof material (apart from the diamond) with a base of zirconium sintered at very high temperatures.


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